An Experience Beyond Tourism

All our tours are planned to bring you close to the vibrant, and diverse cultures of Uganda.

About Chris Austria Safaris

Chris Austria Safaris is a unique East African expedition company based in Kampala, Uganda. We offer customized wildlife, and cultural safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. The firm was founded by Chris Austria, a photographer, and wildlife expert originally from San Francisco, California. He is passionate about sharing the stunning beauty, culture, people, and wildlife from the Pearl Of Africa.  Chris worked with tigers, lions, and other animals for many years in the U.S. His experiences from his career inspired him to focus his energies towards wildlife conservation, and protecting endangered species. Prior to moving to Uganda, Chris lived in Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

Caring for the communities

that share biodiversity with Wildlife

Local communities have a profound impact on the surrounding wildlife. By booking a safari with us, you are committing to caring for local communities and helping conservation efforts for wildlife in these areas.

Chris Austria

Chris’ passions in life are wildlife, conservation, food, wine, cultures, music and photography.

Chris is your personal tour guide, and “wildlife concierge.” Guests will learn about the incredible animals, as well as conservation and community development projects in Uganda. They will visit communities, eat traditional Ugandan food, drink freshly brewed coffee, and will experience the vibrant cultures in the country.

Unique Photographic Safaris and Tours

Chris specializes in photographic expeditions, instructing travelers how to take stunning photography in the national parks of Uganda. A seasoned professional photographer, or a novice will learn to take excellent photos out in the field.

Unique Photographic Safaris and Tours

Community based Eco-tourism and Conservation

During his time in East Africa, Chris has experienced the importance of community based eco-tourism, and conservation.